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ArtikelParent Care by Indian and Belgian Caregivers in Their Roles of Daughter / Daughter - In - Law  
Oleh: Poortinga, Ype H. ; Datta, Prishnee ; Marcoen, Alfons
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology ( vol. 34 no. 6 (Nov. 2003), page 736-749.
Topik: parent care; attachment; caregiver burden; cross - cultural; mothers; mothers - in - law; parent care
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Isi artikelPatterns of scores on measures of the strength of current caregiver / care receiver relationship quality (adult attachment, closeness, and conflict) and measures of parent care (filian concern, caregiver burden, and amount of parent care given) were examined in india and belgium (flanders) with middle - aged women looking after their mother and / or mother - in - law. Patterns of scores in care receivers' ratings of current bonds with their daughters and daughters - in - law were also investigated. The results suggested that the relationship between daughter - in - law and mother - in - law is relatively less close in india than in belgium. In contrast, patterns of variables related to actual behaviour follow cultural prescriptions, with indian daughters - in - law providing more care for their mothers - in - law. It is concluded that cultural demands will determine actual behaviour but have, at most, a limited influecne when it comes to deep - rooted interpersonal relations, such as the attachment between mother and daughter.
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