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ArtikelPerdagangan Indonesia Dengan Negara - Negara ASEAN Dan APEC  
Oleh: Karseno, Arief Ramelan
Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: KELOLA Gadjah Mada University Business Review vol. III no. 7 (1994), page 47-58.
Topik: APEC; ASEAN trading; APEC
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Isi artikelIn the near future indonesian economy is getting more dependent on international trade with her partner in ASEAN and asia - pasific countries. This article attempts to compare the indonesian benefit from AFTA and APEC as a regional economic cooperation. Under CEPT - AFTA scheme, indonesia receive the benefit from around 50% of commodity exports, which indonesia has export specialization to ASEAN countries. For the next 15 years, trade resulted from CEPT - AFTA scheme gives only 9,05% expansion in import value. Under the current effective protection. AFTA would not be very much of benefit to indonesian economy. Trade with APED on the other hand, gives more advantages. The problem with this trade is that most of indonesian exports to the region have very low competitiveness level. In the future, indonesian business need to improve their competitiveness level and quick response to the market, in order to control their exports.
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