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Artikel"Overview" Perkembangan Investasi di Indonesia : Sebuah Pengantar  
Oleh: Sastrowardoyo, Sanyoto
Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: KELOLA Gadjah Mada University Business Review vol. III no. 7 (1994), page 1-15.
Topik: investment; penanaman modal; investment
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Isi artikelThis article describes briefly the development of investment in indonesia since the governemnet released both foreign and domestic investment laws in 1967 and 1968. Facing investment encouragement are some problems and constraints, such as poor infrastructure (especially in outer java), complex government regulations, lack of financial support by the banking sector, poor capavility of human resources to handle technological changes, high competition among host countries to attract foreign investment, and lack of support from the service sector. Traditionally, the secondary sector has been more interested in "quick yielding" investments are opposed to the primary sector which is supported by the natural resources. Actually, this kind of investment has been backed - up by a potentially large domestic market. Most are concentrated in the textile, chemical, metal goods, food, plywood, paper and non - metal mineral industries. The author says that the government should pay more attention for continuing their existing deregulation policy to increase both the number and value of new investment. The policy will improve productivity and efficiency for a more conclusive and competitive economy, as a part of the preparation for the era trading - blocks and a global market economy.
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