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ArtikelWatermarking Citra Warna Digital Menggunakan Alihragam Wavelet Daubechies dan Strategi Penyisipan Watermark pada Subbidang Detail Citra  
Oleh: Susanto, Adhi ; Dwiandiyanta, B. Yudi ; Soesianto, Fransiskus
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional
Dalam koleksi: Jurnal Teknologi Industri vol. 9 no. 2 (Apr. 2005), page 135-146.
Topik: Image Watermarking; Wavelet Transform; Daubechies Wavelets
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Isi artikelWatermarking has been applied to image data to prevent illegal distribution of the copyrighted images. Watermarking is a process of giving a mark in an image with a hidden message or signature, which is embedded in the image, such that the difference between the original and the marked ones is invisible. In this research, the development of an algorithm will be done in wavelet domains in order to get robust watermarking procedure against possible attacks. The objects of this research are a number of colour images as the host images and for the watermark images were used a binary image with estimated size of 1/16 host image. The embedding process based on the properties of the Human Visual System (HVS), to judge the visibility aspect. Embedding process using additive algorithm. The wavelet used was Daubechies-4 (db-4) Wavelet. The result of testing on watermarking algorithm show that watermarking algorithm developed in the wavelet transform domains were robust with respect to noises, geometric image operations, and other image processing procedures.
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