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ArtikelThe Development of A New Measure of Global Work Autonomy  
Oleh: Breaugh, James A.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Educational and Psychological Measurement vol. 58 no. 1 (1998), page 119-128.
Topik: autonomy; reliability; validity; studies; scale models; job satisfaction
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Isi artikelThis article reports the results of three studies in which reliability and validity data were examined for scores obtained on a new measure of global work autonomy. The respondents in these studies were 80 employees of a medium -size manufacturing firm 6,810 employees of a large defense contractor, and 88 MBA students. To examine the convergence of reports of authomony, data were also gathered from supervisors and coworkers of these students. Coefficient alphas for the autonomy scale for the three samples ranged from 0,79 to 0,90. Scores on the global work autonomy scale correlated with scores on theoreticall related measures (e. g. in studies 1 and 3, global autonomy scores correlated 0,54 and 0,59 respectively, with scores on the job diagnostic survey autonomy scale). Although small in magnitude, in study 2 predicted, work autonomy score differences were found between union and non union employees and between supervisors and non supervisors.
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