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ArtikelAnalysing the subliminal messages of the Sampoerna a-mild advertisements  
Oleh: Hendra
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: KOLITA 17: Konferensi Linguistik Tahunan Atma Jaya Ketujuh Belas Tingkat Internasional, page 197-200.
Topik: background knowledge; advertisements; subliminal meanings; the Indonesians
Fulltext: 197-200.Hendra.pdf (597.3KB)
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Isi artikelSampoerna A-Mild is an Indonesian famously-known brand of cigarette, which has come into existence since 1960s. The particular brand is identical with its critical slogans in its advertisement slogans. The critiques are aimed at the Indonesians’ common but non-exemplary habits. To be more specific, they criticize the Indonesians’ incompetence, ignorance or even inequality that exists in the country. I take a particular interest in conducting a research originating from the aforementioned issue. I would like to delve into the issue utilizing George Yule’s theory of Background Knowledge. He points out the existence of background knowledge that helps people to understand things, which includes the non-stated ones. Sampoerna A-Mild ad slogans are best to analyse using the theory as it helps to understand the implied message behind the slogan ads. Analysing ad slogans is far from perfection without analysing the ad pictures as they serve as the meaningful signs. Thus, the particular research is also concerned with the study of Semiotics. Particularly, it makes use of the Saussurean dyadic model of sign, signified and signifier. His theory is of pivotal role to explain the denotative and connotative meaning of the ad pictures. The method of my research is a qualitative one as I delve into the analysis of each advertisement element and its slogan as well. The analysis is initiated semantically in terms of the taglines and subsequently deals with the analysis of semiotic elements existing in the advertisement pictures. To materialise the research plan, five advertisements of Sampoerna A-Mild version of ‘tanya kenapa’, which contain subliminal messages concerning the undesirable habits of the Indonesians and the officials are chosen as the corps of data. Overall, the five ads satirise on the seniority, pessimism, ignorance and laziness of the Indonesians. It is expected that the particular research can make the Indonesians aware of the messages implicitly stated in cigarette advertisements and learn from them.
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