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Artikel"Better Than" Performance Motives as Roots of Satisfaction Across More and Less Developed Countries  
Oleh: Vliert, Evert Van de ; Janssen, Onne
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology ( vol. 33 no. 4 (Jul. 2002), page 380-397.
Topik: SATISFACTION; developing countries; LDCs; motivation; attitudes; competition; job satisfaction
Fulltext: 380.pdf (148.86KB)
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Isi artikelIndividuals tend to want to better their own performance when they repeat the same tasks, and they want to perform better than competitors. These self - and other - referenced performance motives vary independently and lead to more and less satisfaction, respectively. A 42 - nation regression study, based on indicators of affrefated performance motivation, work satisfaction, life satisfaction, and subjective well - being shows that the independence of the two performance motives and the motivation satisfaction links also hold across countries. Additionally, the positive self - referenced motivation - satisfaction link and the negative other referenced motivation - satisfaction link are more pronounced across coutnries with higher levels of income, education, and life expectancy. Consequenlty, motivational methods that work well in one region may not be easily transferable to other regions.
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