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ArtikelIdentifi cation of BSA B1 Bacteria and Its Potency of Purifi ed Cellulase to Hydrolyze Chlorella zofi ngiensis  
Oleh: Janatunaim, Rifqi Zahroh ; Hamid, Radhiyah Mardhiyah ; Christy, Ghea Putri ; Purwestri, Yekti Asih ; Tunjung, Woro Anindito Sri
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional - terakreditasi DIKTI
Dalam koleksi: Indonesian Journal of Biotechnology vol. 20 no. 1 (Jun. 2015), page 77-87.
Topik: cellulase; enzyme purifi cation; cellulose hydrolysis; BSA-B1
Fulltext: 15277-28979-1-SM.pdf (329.02KB)
Isi artikelCellulase has been widely used as biocatalyst in industries. Production of cellulase from microorganisms has many advantages such as short production time and less expense. Our previous study indicated that one of cellulolytic bacteria from digestive tract of milkfi sh (Chanos chanos), namely BSA B1, showed the highest cellulase activity. The objective of this study was to determine the phylogenetic of BSA B1 strain using 16S rRNA gene sequence. Furthermore, this study also determine the specifi c activity of purifi ed cellulase from BSA B1 strain and its potency to hydrolyze Chlorella zofi ngiensis cellulose. Cellulase was purifi ed using ammonium sulphate precipitation, dialysis, and ion exchange chromatography. The purifi ed cellulase was used to hydrolyze cellulose of C. zofi ngiensis. The result demonstrated that BSA B1 strain was closely related with Bacillus aerius and Bacillus licheniformis. The specifi c activity of the crude enzyme was 1.543 U mL-1; after dialysis was 4.384 U mL-1; and after chromatography was 7.543 U mL-1. Purifi ed cellulase exhibited activity in hydrolyzed both CMC and C. zofi ngiensis. Compared to commercial cellulase, purifi ed cellulase had lower activity in hydrolyzed CMC but higher activity in hydrolyzed C. zofi ngiensis. Ethanol dehydration could potentially increase the reducing sugar yield in cellulose hydrolysis when used appropriately. Morphology of C. zofi ngiensis cell has changed after incubation with cellulases and ethanol dehydration indicated degradation of cell wall.
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