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ArtikelPathways From Neurocognitive Vulnerability to Co-Occurring Internalizing and Externalizing Problems Among Women with and Without Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Followed Prospectively for 16 Years  
Oleh: Owens, Elizabeth B. ; Hinshaw, Stephen P.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Development and Psychopathology vol. 28 no. 4 (Part1) (Nov. 2016), page 1013-1031.
Topik: sample of 228; neurocognitive vulnerability; childhood neurocognitive; adult psychopathology; self-control and delay of gratification; parental distress; ontogenic process models
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Isi artikelUsing a sample of 228 females with and without childhood attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder followed prospectively across 16 years, we measured childhood neurocognitive vulnerability via executive dysfunction using teacher-reported cognitive and learning problems. We then ascertained relations between dimensionally measured internalizing and externalizing psychopathology during adulthood and showed that childhood neurocognitive vulnerability reliably predicted such associated psychopathology. We identified six serial mediation pathways from childhood neurocognitive vulnerability to adult psychopathology through three early- and late-adolescent domains: individual (self-control and delay of gratification), peer (rejection/conflict and acceptance/friendship), and school (academic performance and school failure). The serial indirect effects occurred for the pathways from childhood neurocognitive vulnerability through early-adolescent academic performance, to late-adolescent school failure, to adult associated psychopathology, and from neurocognitive vulnerability through adolescent self-control and then the ability to delay gratification, to adult psychopathology. Furthermore, these indirect effects, plus two others, were moderated by parental distress during childhood and early adolescence, such that under conditions of high distress, the serial indirect effects were weaker than when parental distress was low. We discuss the potential importance of behavioral self-regulation and educational success for later psychological functioning, especially among girls, as well as implications for ontogenic process models of psychopathology.
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