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ArtikelEvaluation of Physical Properties and Irritation Index of Lotion Containing Syzigium Aromaticum Clove Essential Oil at Various Concentration  
Oleh: Latifah, Fadzil ; Sugihartini, Nining ; Yuwono, Tedjo
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional - tidak terdaftar di DIKTI
Dalam koleksi: Majalah Obat Tradisional vol. 21 no. 01 (Jan. 2016), page 1-5.
Topik: Clove Essential Oils; Irritation Test; Physical Properties; Lotions
Fulltext: M01 v21 n1 p1 kelik2017.pdf (818.44KB)
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Isi artikelIn this study, the lotion contained essential oil of clove Syzigium a romaticum which contained eugenol as the active ingredient. Eugenol has been scientifically proven as anti-inflammatory. Because its activity, the study about development of dosage form is needed. Aims of this study was to know the physical properties of spreadibility, adhesivity, pH, viscosity and irritation index of lotion with variation concentration of essential oil. This study was started with a formulation of lotion with variation concentration of essential oil 5% (FI); 10% (FII); 15% (FIII). Lotion was evaluated physical properties with parameters spreadibility, adhesivity, viscosity and pH. The evaluation of iritation index was done using guinea pig test animals. Data were analyzed statistically with One Way Anova at confidence level of 95% to detect a significant difference between the treatment groups. The results of the study showed the variation consentration did not influence pH the increasing concentration caused a decreasing spredibility P<0.05 and increasing adhesivity P<0.05. The all of concentration did not irritated the skin of guinea pigs.
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