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ArtikelTrbp Regulates Heart Function Through microRNA-Mediated Sox6repression  
Oleh: Jian Ding ; Jinghai Chen ; Yanqun Wang ; Kataoka, Masaharu ; Lixin Ma ; Pingzhu Zhou
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Nature Genetics vol. 47 no. 07 (Jul. 2015), page 776–783.
Topik: Gene Regulation
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Isi artikelCardiomyopathy is associated with altered expression of genes encoding contractile proteins. Here we show that Trbp (Tarbp2), an RNA-binding protein, is required for normal heart function. Cardiac-specific inactivation in mice of Trbp (TrbpcKO) caused progressive cardiomyopathy and lethal heart failure. Loss of Trbp function resulted in upregulation of Sox6, repression of genes encoding normal cardiac slow-twitch myofiber proteins and pathologically increased expression of genes encoding skeletal fast-twitch myofiber proteins. Remarkably, knockdown of Sox6 fully rescued the Trbp-mutant phenotype, whereas mice overexpressing Sox6 phenocopied TrbpcKO mice. Trbp inactivation was mechanistically linked to Sox6 upregulation through altered processing of miR-208a, which is a direct inhibitor of Sox6. Transgenic overexpression of Mir208a sufficiently repressed Sox6, restored the balance in gene expression for fast- and slow-twitch myofiber proteins, and rescued cardiac function in TrbpcKO mice. Together, our studies identify a new Trbp-mediated microRNA-processing mechanism in the regulation of a linear genetic cascade essential for normal heart function.
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