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ArtikelFast identification of critical cycle time for semiconductor manufacturing yield analysis  
Oleh: Ngai, Kwok-Wang ; Fan, Chih-Min
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: International Symposium of Quality Management (ISQM) - Thinking in Quality: The Change and the Unchanged in the Economic Turmoil (Taipei, 6-7 November 2009), page 1-10.
Topik: cycle time; semiconductor manufacturing yield analysis; correlation analysis
Fulltext: A1-04.pdf (339.64KB)
Isi artikelThis paper aims at solving the computation efficiency problem in identifying the critical cycle time from a production line with hundreds of process steps. Under the assumption that there exists only weak covariances among different cycle times, a four-staged correlation analysis methodology is proposed to approximate the correlation coefficients of product yield and various cycle times. To help engineers explore a large number of cycle times, a tree structure is designed to highlight the suspected areas of cycle times critical to product yield. Simulation studies and field data validations show that the computation time of proposed methodology is about 40% and 7% of that taken by industry practices respectively.
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