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ArtikelUsing Audio Visual Media as an Aid in Bilingual Interpretation Class  
Oleh: Limuria, Rika
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: TransCon 2015: The 5th Atma Jaya International Conference in Translation & Interpretation Studies, “Terminologies & Neologisms in the Eyes of Translators”,, page 167-169.
Topik: Second language; bilingualism; translation; interpretation
Fulltext: hal 167.pdf (4.55MB)
Isi artikelGlobalization resulted in the connection among people with different language background and culture. Therefore, the demand on bilingual experts is increasing day by day. One of the expertise area possessed by bilingual is translation, whether it is written or spoken translation (interpretation). Spoken translation (interpretation) itself demands the interpreter to produce a symmetrical and immediate response, to process L1 input into L2 output, or L2 input into L1 output only in a flash period of time. In preparing the linguistic department student to face the global market and the increasing demand of professional interpreter, bilingual interpretation class should equipped the student with the skills that are needed in bilingual interpretation. Audio Visual Media, such as video could be an aid in interpretation class. Audio visual media could be a facilitating tool to train the student ability to understand the L2 spoken in normal speed, and interpret the L2 input into L1 in a short amount of time. This research was conducted with Chinese-Indonesian bilinguals. Through this paper, the writer is going to describe how audio visual media could be an aid in bilingual interpretation class.
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