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ArtikelHow Should Abbreviation Be Translated?  
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: TransCon 2015: The 5th Atma Jaya International Conference in Translation & Interpretation Studies, “Terminologies & Neologisms in the Eyes of Translators”,, page 25-28.
Topik: abbreviation; acronym; word formation; translation; syllable abbreviation
Fulltext: hal 25.pdf (4.55MB)
Isi artikelAbbreviations prevail in many languages, especially in Indonesian. The term ‘abbreviation’ here includes syllable abbreviation, i.e. ‘kemenlu’ and acronym, i.e. ‘DPR’. Translating abbreviations into other language such as English can be problematic because the audience (Target text readers) may not share the same knowledge or cultural background with the writer (Source text readers). This article discusses how Indonesian translators translate abbreviated words into English. 30 abbreviations in Indonesian and their translations into English are chosen as the data. The abbreviations are translated by five different translators, who are the participants of this study. Abbreviations in Indonesian are analyzed to see the word formation patterns, while their translations are analyzed to see how those abbreviations are translated. The results reveal that there are several ways to translate abbreviations, such as keeping the ST abbreviation, giving the unabbreviated translation, etc.
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