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ArtikelOn Active Surge Control of Compression Systems via Characteristic Linearization and Model Nonlinearity Cancellation  
Oleh: Leksono, Edi ; Tjokronegoro, Harijono A. ; Simamora, Yohannes S.M.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional - terakreditasi DIKTI
Dalam koleksi: Journal of Engineering and Technological Sciences vol. 46 no. 03 (2014), page 342-359.
Topik: active surge control; compression systems; linear quadratic regulator; nonlinear model; nonlinearity cancellation.
Fulltext: 883-2902-1-SM.pdf (1.09MB)
Isi artikelA simple approach of active surge control to compression systems is presented. Specifically, nonlinear components of the pressure ratio and rotating speed states of the Moore-Greitzer model are transferred into the input vectors. Subsequently, the compressor characteristic is linearized into two modes, which describe the stable region and the unstable region respectively. As a result, the system’s state and input matrices both appear linear, to which linear realization and analysis are applicable. A linear quadratic regulator plus integrator is then chosen as closed-loop controller. By simulation it was shown that the modified model and characteristics can describe surge behavior, while the closed-loop controller can stabilize the system in the unstable operating region. The lastmentioned was achieved when massflow was 5.38 per cent less than the surge point.
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