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ArtikelInvestigation of Shear Stud Performance in Flat Plate Using Finite Element Analysis  
Oleh: Santhi, A. S. ; Ganesh, G. Mohan ; Viswanathan, T. S.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional - terakreditasi DIKTI
Dalam koleksi: Journal of Engineering and Technological Sciences vol. 46 no. 03 (2014), page 328-341.
Topik: flat plate; ABAQUS; shear reinforcement; punching shear strength; slab column connection; concrete damaged plasticity
Fulltext: 882-2900-2-PB.pdf (1.09MB)
Isi artikelAbstract. Three types of shear stud arrangement, respectively featuring an orthogonal, a radial and a critical perimeter pattern, were evaluated numerically. A numerical investigation was conducted using the finite element software ABAQUS to evaluate their ability to resist punching shear in a flat plate. The finite element analysis here is an application of the nonlinear analysis of reinforced concrete structures using three-dimensional solid finite elements. The nonlinear characteristics of concrete were achieved by employing the concrete damaged plasticity model in the finite element program. Transverse shear stress was evaluated using finite element analysis in terms of shear stress distribution for flat plate with and without shear stud reinforcement. The model predicted that shear studs placed along the critical perimeter are more effective compared to orthogonal and radial patterns.
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