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ArtikelChannelling Teachers and Students through e-Program: an Alternative of Making Use of Technology for Professional Development and Classroom Activites  
Oleh: Fatimah, Nur
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: Conference on Teaching English as a Foreign Language: The 1st COTEFL International Conference, Muhammadiyah University of Purwokerto, 1-2 May 2009, page 197-207.
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Isi artikelThe development of science and technology has been resulting in a great effect on English language teaching. Technology plays its roles in such a way that teachers and students must get involved in. Technology shares benefits with its users including teachers and students learning English at any levels of education. The writer of this paper considers the importance of employing technology in the process of teaching and learning. Through e-programs offered, it supports teacher' professional development in terms of three different but closely related areas. This paper will discuss the three major topics. The topics cover what, why, and how e-programs can be utilized for teachers' professional development and classroom activities. Through e-program, teachers can establish and maintain professional association for different purposes. Students can also get similar benefits. E-programs enrich teaching and learning resources. The activities such as browsing, blogging help teachers and students reach such objectives. Next, e-programs facilitate teachers and students to extend their networking. Therefore, this paper will be divided into four main parts. After the introduction, the rationale of employing technology including the advantages of applying e-program is explained. And the section after this will discuss e-program in practice. It is to provide a clear idea on the application of e-programs that channel teachers and students around the world. The last will be about conclusion and final remark.
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