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ArtikelIntegrating English into Content Subject Teachingm in Indonesia University: Toward Strengthening ESP Course  
Oleh: Muttaqin, Syariful
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: Conference on Teaching English as a Foreign Language: The 1st COTEFL International Conference, Muhammadiyah University of Purwokerto, 1-2 May 2009, page 92-101.
Topik: content and language integration; language acquisition; problem based learning
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Isi artikelIn order to promote more effective use of English for non-English students, some efforts have to be made by using English as the means of instruction rather than as a learned subject. Instead of teaching English for specific purposes (ESP) , integrating English into the content subject teaching provides a greater chance of fulfilling the need of both content and English language mastery. This paper reports an observation on content and language integrated learning (CLIL) in Biology Conservation class in the Department of Biology at University of Brawijaya Malang Indonesia. The result shows that in this class English has been promoted to be the medium of instruction through gradual implementation from the first semester until the last semester and is integrated in the class tasks and projects either in the spoken or written forms. The role of the teacher is mostly as the facilitator. From the implementation of the CLIL approach, most students admit that they have developed more positive attitudes toward English which is an imprortant aspect in improving their English ability to help them succeed in learning the content subjects. Instead, more knowledge in both Biology and English has been gained by reading English references, such as English text books, the lecturers and the other students. The Biology class lecturers also notice some positive impacts from this approach: deeper analysis to the problem solving, more varieties of answers or solutions to different problem, more confidence in English by the students, and more confidence to graduate from the Biology department.
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