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ArtikelLive birth in a 50-year-old woman following in vitro fertilization–embryo transfer with autologous oocytes: a rare case report  
Oleh: Rani, Geetha ; Goswami, Sourendra ; Chattopadhyay, Ratna ; Ghosh, Sanghamitra
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Fertility and Sterility (keterangan: ada di ClinicalKey) vol. 103 no. 02 (Feb. 2015), page 414-416.
Topik: Autologous oocytes; in vitro fertilization; ovarian reserve; advanced reproductive age
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Isi artikelObjective To report a live birth with in vitro fertilization (IVF) from a 50-year-old woman with homologous oocytes. Design Case report. Setting Referral center. Patient(s) A 50-year-old woman. Intervention(s) IVF with fresh embryo transfer (ET). Main Outcome Measure(s) Live birth after IVF. Result(s) A 50-year-old woman conceived with her own oocytes by means of IVF. Three fresh embryos were transferred, resulting in a pregnancy and delivery by cesarean section at 35 weeks of a healthy male baby weighing 2,300 g. Conclusion(s) Extensive literature search suggests that this is the first case report of live birth in a 50-year-old woman after IVF-ET with her own oocytes. This is a very rare and unusual case that deviates from the norm and therefore warrants attention. In selected cases, assisted reproductive technology might be reasonable to try for a limited number of times with a woman’s own oocytes.
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