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ArtikelSemantic Factors in Verb Retrieval: An Effect of Complexity  
Oleh: Breedin, Sarah D. ; Saffran, Eleanor M. ; Schwartz, Myrna F.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Brain and Language (Full Text) vol. 63 no. 1 (1998), page 1-31.
Fulltext: 63_01_Breedin.pdf (205.9KB)
Isi artikelAphasic patients often have more difficulty retrieving verbs than nouns. We present data from eight aphasics demonstrating that they have a selective impairment for verb retrieval. We then explore the role of semantic complexity (i.e., the number of semantic features) in verb retrieval using a delayed repetition/story completion task. The results indicate that six of the patients are better at retrieving semantically complex verbs (e.g., run) than semantically simpler verbs (e.g., go). The results have implications for accounts of the noun/verb dissociation in aphasia, as well as for theories of verb representation.
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