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ArtikelCollege Saving Made Easy  
Oleh: Hurley, Joseph F.
Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: Journal of Accountancy vol. 188 no. 5 (1999), page 26-34.
Topik: COLLEGE; college saving; easy
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Isi artikelTwice a year most parents of college - bound children face what must be an unnerving experience : writing a check for their son or daughter’s tuition and related expenses for the coming semester. With college costs rising faster than the rate of inflation, parents may find the last check they write for their child’s senior year is significantly larger than the one they wrote four years earlier, when Mary was just a freshman. The solution ? Although a wide variety of private and government - sponsored assistance is available, perhaps the best advice for parents is to be prepared. Don’t wait until Johnny is a high school junior to plan for college costs. Advance planning won’t lower the cost of a college education, but it can make the checks easier to write. For many families, qualified state tuition programs (QSTP s) are an important way to prepare for the cost of a child’s higher education. Thirty - four states now offer the programs, which have a market value of more than $5 billion ; more are on the drawing board. Popularly known as “529 plans,” after the IRC section that authorizes them, QSTP s are quickly becoming the hottest college savings program in the country. Targeted to children of any age and families of any income level as an effective means of saving for future college costs, QSTP s have investment, tax, retirement and estate planning implications that extend far beyond their basic purpose. Here’s how CPA s can successfully incorporate QSTP s into their clients’ financial plans.
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