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ArtikelMathematical Expression to Optimation on Performance Characteristics of Public Management and the Environmental of Sustainability Global Scheme  
Oleh: Suharto
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: Proceedings Seminar Nasional Riset dan Teknologi Terapan (Ritektra) ke-4: Rekayasa dan inovasi teknologi untuk peningkatan kualitas hidup bangsa di Universitas Sanata Dharma, Yogyakarta, 17 September 2014, page 355-359.
Topik: Performance; Democracy; Numerical Analysis; Decision.
Fulltext: Prosiding RITEKTRA 2014 p69.pdf (265.68KB)
Isi artikelClimate change as the fact not only product of globalization, especially relationship about Indonesian reform not less than Fifteen years (end) periods which as mean of democracy. Other side that’s as mean of mathematical expression to optimation for decision making process to generate performance characteristics of public management which sustainable effect to the environmental global scheme. In other words, not only election or general Threshold. But, The biggest strategy or design of national system as a Threw point to generate high level or high grade performance characteristics of national system than other countries. Many side no comment about this system, although many experts in Indonesia or world. This research recommended that’s numerical analysis as mean of Mathematical expression to optimation as essential work for decision making process to build high range performance characteristics of public management to generate high grade performance of national system and sustainable to The environmental system global scheme. A person of leader/manager candidat must to explain program or strategy of national development system in mathematical language which expression between output and input of process of national system. This researched method use a combine system between field research, reference survey, statistical and system modelling, mathematical and numerical analysis as an integrated.
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