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ArtikelBatik Bogor Tradisiku: Kajian Strukturalisme Genetis Dan Memetis  
Oleh: Wijayanto, Eko
Jenis: Article from Journal - e-Journal
Dalam koleksi: Melintas: An International Journal of Philosophy and Religion vol. 29 no. 02 (Aug. 2013), page 210-225.
Topik: Habitus; distinction; meme; social cognitive process; agent; vector; reasoning structure; social action; limited agency
Fulltext: 29_02_Eko Wijayanto.pdf (1.16MB)
Isi artikelBatik Bogor Tradisiku might be seen as an innovation by the couple Siswaya-Rukoyah. This batik is a variant of the Javanese Batik as the creator habitus. Tradisiku may be considered a particular social ‘action’ especially due to its tendency to create and develop its own distinction. This paper is inspired by Pierre Bourdieu’s genetic structuralism to read and interpret the scheme of perception and the social action of the actors in producing the Batik Bogor. In the meantime, the approach of memetics introduced by the biologist Richard Dawkins is used to interpret the Ba- tik Bogor as a meme, the smallest cultural information unit that spreads out through the social cognition process. The role of the agent will be considered as a vector, not an actor.
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