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ArtikelInstructional Chains as a Method for Examining the Teaching and Learning of Argumentative Writing in Classrooms  
Oleh: VanDerHeide, Jennifer ; Newell, George E.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Written Communication ( sebagian Full Text) vol. 30 no. 3 (Jul. 2013), page 300.
Topik: unit of analysis; recontextualization; English language arts; research methods; classroom-based research; instruction; data reduction
Fulltext: Written Communication-2013-VanDerHeide-300-29.pdf (563.76KB)
Isi artikelWe propose “instructional chaining” as an analytic method for capturing and describing key instructional episodes enacted by expert writing teachers to foster the recontextualization over time of the social practices of argumentative writing through process-oriented instructional approaches. The article locates instructional chaining within a sociocultural framework and argues for conceptualizing learning to write as the recontextualization of social practices of writing in classroom settings. To illustrate the use of instructional chaining to study the effects of teaching on learning argumentative writing, we describe the processes employed to construct an instructional chain for a unit of literary argumentation in a 12th grade English language arts classroom. We conclude with a discussion of two potential uses of instructional chains as units of analysis for both quantitative and qualitative analyses to study patterns of teaching and learning across many classrooms.
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