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ArtikelDevelopment of Local Institutions towards on Participation and Communication Model in the United Kingdom  
Oleh: Purnomo, Eko Priyo
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional
Dalam koleksi: Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi vol. 08 no. 03 (2010), page 280-288.
Topik: institutions; stakeholders; participation and communication models.
Fulltext: EKO.PDF (2.3MB)
Isi artikelThis research aims is to describe the stakeholder involvement and elaborate the communication models that have been used in this project. The main issue are the institutional participation and communication models towards the community project. There are several issues to deal with the sustainable local institution. First of all, a legal mechanism that can establish rule and law enforcement. Secondly, capacity building that makes the local community can build an equal relationship with other stakeholders such as the local government and buyers. Thirdly is the institutional transparency that supports the information-equality system amongst stakeholders in the community. It can be showed by the stakeholders’ communication model. The last one is flexibility and adaptive on cooperative partnership. Using the Qualitative method as the main umbrella of this research, and the research use several methods to gather the data such as ethnography and a participatory approaches; the data was analyzed using qualitative methods. The observation and in-depth interviews were conducted at a selected group in Leeds, United Kingdom whose the case study of the Bardon Grange Allotment Project (BGAP) was initiated by Leeds Student Union (LSU). This organisation was selected because they already implemented the local project and established some local initiative.
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