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ArtikelSolving Geometric Analogy Problems Through Two-Stage Analogical Mapping  
Oleh: Lovett, Andrew ; Tomai, Emmett ; Forbus, Kenneth ; Usher, Jeffrey
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Cognitive Science vol. 33 no. 7 (Sep. 2009), page 1192–1231.
Topik: Analogy; Geometric analogy; Symbolic computational modeling
Fulltext: 03. Solving Geometric Analogy Problems Through Two-Stage Analogical Mapping.pdf (953.82KB)
Isi artikelEvans’ 1968 ANALOGY system was the first computer model of analogy. This paper demonstrates that the structure mapping model of analogy, when combined with high-level visual processing and qualitative representations, can solve the same kinds of geometric analogy problems as were solved by ANALOGY. Importantly, the bulks of the computations are not particular to the model of this task but are general purpose: We use our existing sketch understanding system, CogSketch, to compute visual structure that is used by our existing analogical matcher, Structure Mapping Engine (SME). We show how SME can be used to facilitate high-level visual matching, proposing a role for structural alignment in mental rotation. We show how second-order analogies over differences computed via analogies between pictures provide a more elegant model of the geometric analogy task. We compare our model against human data on a set of problems, showing that the model aligns well with both the answers chosen by people and the reaction times required to choose the answers.
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