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ArtikelTo He That Hath; Money and Science  
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Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: The Economist ( vol. 405 no. 8814 (Dec. 2012), page 72-73.
Topik: Research & Development--R&D; Errors
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Isi artikel For its part, the NIH does seem willing to acknowledge that its grant-awarding process may not be perfect. Francis Collins, the agency's boss, says he will look very carefully at what is going on, and also observes that the NIH has recently started several programmes specifically aimed at giving grants to rising stars, including one that will enable the best of those with newly minted doctorates - the scientific equivalents of apprenticeships - to skip the journeyman stage of a postdoctoral position and go straight on to being master (or mistress) of their own laboratory research groups. But he does also, in the spirit of the scientific method, draw attention to a few potential flaws in the newly published paper itself, such as the fact that some of the highly cited articles it draws on are reviews of the work of others, rather than pieces of original research (a weakness the authors themselves acknowledge).
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