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ArtikelIntraprison HIV transmission: an assessment of whether it occurs, how it occurs, and who is at risk  
Oleh: Simmons, Melanie ; Krebs, Christopher P.
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Aids Education and Prevention: An Interdisciplinary Journal vol. 14 (Oct. 2002), page 53-64.
Topik: Education; prisoner; HIV/AIDS; HIV behavior
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Isi artikelThe prevalence of AIDS infection is approximately five times higher in stare and federal prisons than among the general U.S. population. It is also apparent that high-risk HIV transmission behaviors occur inside prison; however, data validly documenting instances of intraprison HIV transmission are rare. This study validly identifies 33 inmates in a large sample of state prison inmates who contracted HIV inside prison and presents data on how they likely contracted HIV. It further compares these inmates to inmates who did not comract HIV inside prison in terms of age, race, and level of education. Documenting the burden posed by HIV transmission inside prison, providing insight into how they contract Hrl inside prison, and what types of i..1ll1ates are at risk w'ill help public and correctional health officials reform their current education and prevention practices and ultimately reduce or prevent HIV transmission both inside and outside prison.
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