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ArtikelTerpenoids from the Stem Bark of Jatropha Plants and Their Biological Activities  
Oleh: Sahidin ; Ardiansyah ; Muhammad, Taher ; Marianti, Manggau
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah nasional - terakreditasi DIKTI
Dalam koleksi: Makara Seri Sains vol. 15 no. 2 (Nov. 2011), page 106-110.
Topik: Biological Activities; Curcusone B; Jatropha; Jatrophone; Stigmasterol
Fulltext: Sahidin.pdf (141.04KB)
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Isi artikelThree terpenoids, including two diterpenes (curcusone B and jatrophone) and a triterpene (stigmasterol) have been isolated from the stem bark of Jatropha plants. Curcusone B and stigmasterol were isolated from J. curcas, meanwhile jatrophone and stigmasterol were from J. gossypifolia. The biological activities of these compounds have been evaluated toward bacteria, fungi and tumour cells. Isolation was carried out in vacuum liquid cromatography (VLC) technique with silica gel as an adsorben and some solvents as eluents. The compound structures were determined by spectroscopic methods i.e. UV-vis, FTIR, NMR (1-D, 2-D) and were then compared based on their spectroscopic data with similar data from literature's. The biological properties of these compounds were evaluated against four strains of bacteria (Acetobacter sp., Eschericia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Streptococcus sp.), 4 strains of fungi (Aspergilus niger, Penicillium sp. (grey), Penicillium sp. (white) and Rhizopus sp.) and murine leukemia P-388 cells. The results showed that cytotoxic property of curcusone B towards murine leukemia P-388 cells is better than jatrophone and stigmasterol which are IC50 = 0.57 µg/mL (1.93 µM) for curcusone B and IC50 > 100 µg/mL for jatrophone and stigmasterol. Meanwhile, activities against bacteria, jatrophone is better than curcusone B and stigmasterol. Jatrophone is the most active against S. aureus (bacteria) with growth inhibition zone 36 mm and A.niger (fungi) is 44 mm. Further study indicated that jatrophone was bacteriostatic against S. aureus.
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