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ArtikelKaret Alam : Sahabat Lingkungan yang Hemat Energi Menghadapi Tantangan Zaman  
Oleh: Tirtawidjaja, A.F.S. Budiman
Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: Jurnal Manajemen Prasetiya Mulya vol. II no. 3 (1994), page 64-69.
Topik: Peluang Hemat Energi; karet alam; lingkungan yang hemat energi
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Isi artikelRubber or "elastomer" usage in the 20th century of th eindustrial revolution has been intensive. According to the wirter, without the existence of natural and synthetic rubber the rapic pace of recent worldwide economic growth would have been much slower. Historically, many industries have relied on rubber as an essential raw material. However, tecnological development nowadays increasingly are requiring advanced inputs. This factor may more and more put limits upon the usage of natural rubber. Due to its technical characteristics, natural rubber is regarded as a polumeric substance which is a suitable raw material for certain products, such as automotive tyres (mainly radial tyres). Also natural rubber has the capability to save energy, so that if it is widely used in transportation sectors, it would decrease the need for fuel - oil due to its lower rolling resistence compared to that of synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is still mostly being produced in the south east asian region. Confronted with a worldwide economic recession and competition from synthetic rubber, the natural rubber producing countries must increase their rate of production efficiency.
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