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ArtikelValue of Relationship and Seller's Approach Strategy in The Pre - Relationship Stage on Buyer - Seller Interaction  
Oleh: Sidik, Ignas G.
Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: Jurnal Manajemen Prasetiya Mulya vol. II no. 4 (1995), page 51-57.
Topik: relationship; value of relationship; seller's approach; buyer - seller interaction
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Isi artikelThe use of interactive framework in analyzing buyer - seller relationship in business - to - business marketing has been well accepted, especially due to its emphasis on the long - term aspect of the relationship. The development of the relationship will depend on a two - way evaluation on the value of the potential relationship. Although many studies have been conducted on the behaviour of the buying firms as well as the development of the relationship between buyer and seller, few work high - light the choices of seller's strategy in approaching potential buyers in the pre - relationship stage. This paper presents a conceptual approach to evaluating the mix of the perceived value of the relationship between buyer and seller and proposes several approach strategies appropriate for each type of perceived value of relationship mix.
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