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ArtikelRustling with Kalashnikovs: South Sudan's Woobly Start  
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Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: The Economist ( vol. 402 no. 8777 (Mar. 2012), page 52.
Topik: International Relations; Rebellions; Violence; Native Peoples
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Isi artikelOn March 16th George Clooney, a film star, was arrested for picketing the Sudanese embassy in Washington, DC. His aim was to highlight the brutal campaign by Sudan's government to suppress a rebellion in the Nuba Mountains, close to the border with newly independent South Sudan. Sudanese forces have blockaded Nuba villages, bombing them from Antonov transport planes. The UN says that, with the planting of crops interrupted, 400,000 are in need of food aid. Mr Clooney's celebrity brought welcome focus to the plight of the Nuba. But across the border in South Sudan there rages an equally vicious war, and one that attracts even less attention. In the blistering flatland's of its Jonglei state, violent clashes have for years pitted three cattle-rearing tribes against each other: the Nuer in the northeast, the Dinka in the west and the less numerous Murle across the centre and south. Other tribes scorn the warlike Murle, who speak a distinct language and reputedly sided with the Arab north during Sudan's decades-long civil war.
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