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ArtikelRancangan Sistem Informasi Surat-Menyurat Pada Blue Bird Group Dengan Metodologi Berorientasi Obyek  
Oleh: Diana, Anita
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: Prosiding Seminar Nasional Riset & Teknologi Terapan (Ritektra) "Peran Riset & Teknologi Terapan dalam Pengembangan Industri", Jakarta 7-8 Juli 2011 : Fakultas Teknik Elektro, page 49-61.
Topik: Blue Bird; Correspondence; Object Oriented
Fulltext: TE-007 Full Anita Diana 49-61.pdf (382.43KB)
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Isi artikelBlue Bird Group is a company in the services of public transportation. In their daily activities , the Blue Bird Group to receive and transmit various kinds of letters, both of which come from the pool as well as those coming from headquarters, including those coming from outside the company. Process correspondence conducted by the Blue Bird Group at the moment still be done manually which often cause problems ranging from slow making monthly reports to the documents of it’s transaction is lost due to scattered pile of paper transactions. So it is still found difficulties in presenting data correspondence, especially concerning the surveillance and data collection and distribution of letters in and out. An effort to computerize the system in an organization becomes a necessity. This encourages the existence of a system which is controlled and integrated with each other so that it can improve the quality and quantity of administration of the Blue Bird Group as a whole. It is therefore necessary to research and analyze and make correspondence information systems, computer based. Based on this, the research proposes correspondence information system. The system is built using Object Oriented approach in the analysis and design. Draft correspondence information systems are implemented using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 with Microsoft Access 2003 database.
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