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ArtikelSimulasi Kendali Pintu Perlintasan dan Pemberitahuan Kedatangan Kereta Api Otomatis Menggunakan Sensor Optocoupler dan SMS Gateway pada Stasiun Kereta Api Kebayoran  
Oleh: Solichin, Achmad ; Ardiansyah, Achmad
Jenis: Article from Proceeding
Dalam koleksi: Prosiding Seminar Nasional Riset & Teknologi Terapan (Ritektra) "Peran Riset & Teknologi Terapan dalam Pengembangan Industri", Jakarta 7-8 Juli 2011 : Fakultas Teknik Elektro, page 1-15.
Topik: Railway Station; Optocoupler; Sms Gateway; Interface
Fulltext: TE-002 Full Achmad Solichin1-15.pdf (483.8KB)
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Isi artikelKebayoran railway station is located in South Jakarta and flanked by two stations, Pondok Ranji and Palmerah. The problems that occurred in there is process of arriving and departing trains that not optimal. It still rely on telephone communication with other station personnel. For the passengers, there is no notification about the arrival of the train. A predefined schedule often does not match the actual arrival of the train, so they had to wait quite a long time at the station. Therefore, in this study, we designed an applications that control the door rail and provide arrival notification that works automatically and computerized. The result of this study is an application that’s monitor the arrival of the railway, will close or open the door rail automatically and turn on the siren. It will also tell train passengers over the loudspeakers at the time of arrival and departure of trains in the Railway Station. In terms of communication with other stations, the application also comes with a SMS Gateway which will notify the departure of the train to the next station via SMS. This application used optocoupler sensor that is placed before and after the door crossings on railway sleepers. Passing train will activate the sensor and then processed into a number of instructions by the application. This application is expected to reduce the accident at the door of railway crossings, improving the quality of services and can help train officers to work more efficiently, especially at the Kebayoran Railway Station.
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