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ArtikelThe Inside Man  
Oleh: Easton, Nina
Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: Fortune vol. 163 no. 7 (May 2011), page 65-69.
Topik: Public Administration; Government Executives; Image; Presidency
Fulltext: The Inside Man.pdf (42.72KB)
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Isi artikelBill Daley now serves as Pres Obama's new chief of staff and unofficial troubleshooter of the administration's badly damaged relationship with corporate America. Here's how Daleyworld works: Decades ago, his father helped launch the career of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee Chair Dan Rostenkowski, who treated Daley like a son. That friendship made Daley especially valuable as a corporate lobbyist -- and later as Bill Clinton's point man on the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1993. When the trade deal passed, Clinton rewarded Daley with the Commerce Secretary job, which made him especially useful to AT&T's Ed Whitacre, who hired him to manage its struggles with regulators. Flash-forward a few years, to 2010: Daley has moved to JP Morgan and Whitacre is at the helm of General Motors. In his four months on his current job Daley has imposed his signature discipline, keeping the President's advisers in their own lanes and maintaining a low profile.
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