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Oleh: Redman, Chris
Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: Fortune vol. 163 no. 7 (May 2011), page 16.
Topik: Economic Forecasts; Economic Growth; Eurozone; Debt Restructuring; Deficit Financing
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Isi artikelThere are roughly three scenarios for the 17-nation eurozone -- good, bad, and extremely ugly. The good scenario sees Spain decoupling from the PIGs (Portugal, Ireland, and Greece) by convincing markets that it has put its economic house in order. That would buy time and create calmer conditions for Europe to manage orderly debt restructuring for the PIGs where necessary. The bad scenario sees Spain failing to right itself slower growth driven by the global economic recession will make it difficult to meet deficit-reduction targets. The ugly scenario starts with a disorderly debt default by the PIGs that sends a financial tsunami through the markets and banking system, creating havoc far beyond euroland borders.
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