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ArtikelStrategi Perebutan Posisi Pasar Pada Industri Majalah Bisnis Indonesia  
Oleh: Rodhiah
Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: Jurnal Manajemen Prasetiya Mulya vol. III no. 5 (1995), page 11-19.
Topik: PASAR; strategi; pasar; majalah bisnis
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Isi artikelThe design of the research is explorative. An attempt is made to find an answer pertaining to how an industry formulates its strategy to gain a market position. The focus of the research is concentrated on business magazine in indonesia. The development of business magazine industry is examined in order to find out the stratefies applied of market leaders, challengers, followers and nichers with the aim to gain certain market position. No previous researches of this kind has been recorded. Data are collected throught a census method in which various elements of the industry are studied which comprise of four business magazines i. e. "majalah eksekutif", "majalah info bank", "info bisnis" and "majalah properti". Analysis of variance (anova) and correlation analysis are used to seek the difference of two or more variables and the significance of the connection of the various variables. The findings of the study indicate that "majalah bisnis" as the market leader is different in applying its marketing mix strategy compared to market challenger, follower, and nicher. Furthermore, a business magazine that applies an integrated marketing mix strategy can gain a relatively higher market share. This study can be utilized as an indication of how an industry can gain a better marketing performance in terms of higher market share.
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