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ArtikelBail-outs? Nein, Danke; German Politics  
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Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: The Economist ( vol. 400 no. 8752 (Sep. 2011), page 66.
Topik: Legislators; Political Parties; Bailouts; Euro
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Isi artikelFrank Schaffler, a 42-year-old legislator from North Rhine-Westphalia is threatening to blow up Germany's strategy for the euro, and thus the government itself. He wants the 65,000 members of his Free Democratic Party (FDP), part of Angela Merkel's coalition, to vote on whether to endorse the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), a permanent bail-out fund due to begin operating in 2013. The result will be binding on the FDP if one-third of members participate. If, as Schaffler hopes, the party's members say no, Merkel will face a choice: accept the decision, which would mean pulling out of a European agreement to save the euro, or defy it, which could break up the coalition. Schaffler says he wants to save the euro, but he expects a political payoff. FDP leaders are confident of defeating the motion, in part because no one wants to risk early elections. But they cannot be sure.
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