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ArtikelSlipping Into Darkness; Italy's Tottering Prime Minister  
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Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: The Economist ( vol. 400 no. 8752 (Sep. 2011), page 65.
Topik: Prime Ministers; Personal Profiles; Scandals; Court hearings & Proceedings; Investigations
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Isi artikelAlready rocked by thousands of pages of evidence detailing his alleged whoremongering, Italy's prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, took a more serious hit on September 20th when Standard & Poor's, a ratings agency, downgraded Italy and expressed grave doubts about the government's ability to respond effectively to the crisis in the euro zone. Most Italians seem to have realised that their prime minister is a liability. His approval rating has slumped below 25%. He lost the unions a long time ago; now employers have lost faith in his right-wing government's handling of the economy. Even this is not the end of Berlusconi's troubles. He is a defendant in three trials: one on charges of embezzlement, tax-dodging and false accounting, one in which he stands accused of paying an under-age prostitute and one for alleged bribery. (He denies all the charges.) The third, in which he is accused of corrupting his former legal adviser, David Mills, is the one he is said to fear most. Although Berlusconi's position has become untenable, the manner and timing of his departure remain unclear. A new government would be no panacea.
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