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ArtikelThe Eye of the Buddha; Myanmar and its Neighbours  
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Jenis: Article from Bulletin/Magazine
Dalam koleksi: The Economist ( vol. 400 no. 8747 (Aug. 2011), page 71-72.
Topik: International Relations; Book Reviews; Geographic Profiles
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Isi artikelHow Myanmar is moving ever closer into China's orbit Franklin D. Roosevelt did not have much time for Burma or the Burmese. The sympathy he felt for Indian demands for independence from Britain did not extend to that other piece of the British Raj now known as Myanmar. In 1942 he wrote to Winston Churchill: "I wish you could put the whole bunch of them into a frying pan with a wall around it and let them stew in their own juice." In unforeseen ways, the American president largely got his wish. The military dictatorship under General Ne Win that seized power in Burma in 1962 erected a virtual wall around the country, sealing it off from almost all outside influence. The junta that succeeded him after nationwide protests in 1988 has tried to open up the country. Viewed from the West, its efforts seem vain. Despite a farcical election last year, Myanmar remains subject to Western economic sanctions and its leaders are still largely shunned by their American and European counterparts. The only Burmese politician widely known in the West is Aung San Suu Kyi, an opposition leader who has spent most of the past two decades in detention and whose party is now technically illegal.
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