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ArtikelAction research and narratives: 'Finely Aware and Richly Responsible'  
Oleh: Walker, Melanie
Jenis: Article from Journal
Dalam koleksi: Educational Action Research vol. 15 no. 02 (Jun. 2007), page 295–303.
Topik: Ethical Action; Imagination; Narrative; Wise Judgement
Fulltext: 491154__778760320.pdf (89.43KB)
Isi artikelThis paper explores the central place of stories and narratives in action research practices and accounts to argue that it is hard to imagine how we might do or write about action research in a non-storied way. The paper argues that good stories help us to think well and more wisely about ourselves and our practice. An historical example is chosen to illustrate the compelling potential of stories about real people and real lives, followed by a teasing out of six methodological issues that arise.
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