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ArtikelAction research and academic writing: a conversation  
Oleh: Winter, Richard ; Badley, Graham
Jenis: Article from Journal
Dalam koleksi: Educational Action Research vol. 15 no. 02 (Jun. 2007), page 253–270.
Topik: Academic Competition; Academic Writing; Action Research; Conversation; Noble Cause; Work
Fulltext: 330667__778764003.pdf (114.72KB)
Isi artikelHere is a conversation between two former colleagues about action research and academic writing. Richard Winter opens the discussion with a series of reflections on his work as an action researcher. These reflections include the key argument that action research is a noble cause because it is relevant to working life, has a practical impact and enriches what we do in our lives. In response, Graham Badley suggests that, given Richard’s argument, academic writing might, for similar reasons, also be considered both as action research and as a noble cause. Richard replies with a concern that academic writing often becomes a commodity to be traded in the academic marketplace. Graham’s final contribution to this dialogue is a commentary on academic competition and disagreement in academic writing.
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