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ArtikelWriters develop skills through collaboration: an action research approach  
Oleh: Ferguson-Patrick, Kate
Jenis: Article from Journal
Dalam koleksi: Educational Action Research vol. 15 no. 02 (Jun. 2007), page 159–180.
Topik: Action Research; Beginning Writing; Cooperative/Collaborative Learning
Fulltext: 85775__778763780.pdf (145.96KB)
Isi artikelCollaborative approaches designed to increase writing productivity (amount written) as well as writing quality were implemented over a period of six months with a small group of 12 six-year-olds in a Primary School in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. The study demonstrated the positive nature of peer interactions with an increase in quality and productivity of writing products. The classroom teacher employed action research approaches where observations informed action, which in turn was reflected upon. Some central themes emerged from this study. It was found that collaboration often meant that students shared strengths and expertise, provided encouragement and assistance, as well as provided opportunities for peer tutoring.
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