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ArtikelCapacity Building for Ecological Modernization : Lessons from Cross-National Research  
Oleh: Weidner, Helmut
Jenis: Article from Journal - e-Journal
Dalam koleksi: American Behavioral Scientist vol. 45 no. 09 (May 2002), page 1340-1368 .
Topik: Cross-National Research; Environmental Policy Development; Globalization
Fulltext: 04. Capacity Building for Ecological Modernization - Lessons from Cross-National Research.pdf (170.01KB)
Isi artikelEnvironmental policy development in 30 advanced and developing countries is examined using the capacity-building approach. Findings indicate that an appropriate mix of institutions is decisive for policy performance and that formal institutionalization is helpful for longer term policy-learning processes. Globalization is not found to be negative, as often claimed: Rather, the globalization of environmental policies and proponents counteracts ecologically ignorant economic interests and fosters diffusion of environmental innovations. Assistance from international organizations and regimes plays an increasingly critical role. Environmental and politico-administrative reforms appear to be mutually supportive. Democratic structures and institutions are a basic precondition for effective environmental policies. Although many countries have been able to achieve environmental gains from new technologies, policies, and forms of stakeholder cooperation, even the most advanced need to strongly increase environmental policy and management capacities to meet the continuing challenge of sustainable development.
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