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BukuThe Oxford Handbook of Sociolinguistics
Author: Bayley, Robert (Editor); Cameron, Richard (Editor); Lucas, Ceil (Editor)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISBN: 978-0-19-023374-7    
Penerbit: Oxford University Press     Tempat Terbit: Oxford    Tahun Terbit: 2013    
Jenis: Books - Reference
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From its beginnings in the 1960s, sociolinguistics developed several different subfields with distinct methods and interests: the variationist tradition established by Labov, the anthropological tradition of Hymes, interactional sociolinguistics as developed by Gumperz, and the sociology of language represented by the work of Fishman. All of these areas have seen a great deal of growth in recent decades, and recent studies have led to a more broadly inclusive view of sociolinguistics. Hence there is a need for a handbook that will survey the main areas of the field, point out the lacunae in our existing knowledge base, and provide directions for future research.

The Oxford Handbook of Sociolinguistics will differ from existing work in four major respects. First, it will emphasize new methodological developments, particularly the convergence of linguistic anthropology and variationist sociolinguistics. Second, it will include chapters on sociolinguistic developments in areas of the world that have been relatively neglected in the major journals. Third, its chapters are written by contributors who have worked in a range of languages and whose work addresses sociolinguistic issues in bi- and multilingual contexts, i.e. the contexts in which a majority of the world's population lives. Finally, it will include substantial material on the rapidly growing study of sign language sociolinguistics.
Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Introduction: the study of language and society, halaman 1-7
  2. Variationist sociolinguistics, halaman 11-30
  3. Linguistic anthropology , halaman 31-47
  4. Doers and makers the interwoven stories of sociology and the study of language, halaman 48-66
  5. Critical discourse analysis, halaman 67-90
  6. Conversation analysis, halaman 91-110
  7. The intersections of language socialization and sociolinguistics, halaman 111-131
  8. Psycholinguistic approaches, halaman 132-152
  9. Interdisciplinary approaches, halaman 153-171
  10. Studies of the community and the individual, halaman 175-194
  11. Experimental methods for measuring intelligibility of closely related language varieties, halaman 195-213
  12. Quantitative analysis, halaman 214-240
  13. Analyzing qualitative data: mapping the research trajectory in multilingual contexts, halaman 241-260
  14. Longitudinal studies, halaman 261-279
  15. Methods for studying sign languages, halaman 280-298
  16. Pidgins and creoles, halaman 301-320
  17. Language maintenance and shift, halaman 321-339
  18. Sociolinguistics and second language acquisition, halaman 340-359
  19. Codeswitching, halaman 360-378
  20. Sign language contact, halaman 379-400
  21. Sociophonetics, halaman 403-424
  22. Phonology and sociolingustics, halaman 423-444
  23. Morphosyntactic variation , halaman 445-463
  24. Pragmatics and variationist sociolinguistics, halaman 464-483
  25. Variation and change, halaman 484-502
  26. Sociolinguistic variation and change in sign languages, halaman 503-522
  27. Language policy, ideology, and attitudes in English-dominant countries, halaman 525-544
  28. English in language policies and ideologies in Africa: challenges and prospects for vernacularization, halaman 545-562
  29. Language policy and ideology greater China, halaman 563-586
  30. Language policies and politics in South Asia, halaman 587-608
  31. Language policy and ideology in Latin America , halaman 609-628
  32. Language policy, ideology, and attitudes: key issues in Western Europe, halaman 629-650
  33. Language management in the Russian empire, Soviet Union, and Post-Soviet countries, halaman 651-679
  34. Language ideologies, policies, and attitudes toward signed languages, halaman 680-697
  35. Language and law, halaman 701-719
  36. Our stories, ourselves: can the culture of a large medical school be changed without open heart surgery?, halaman 720-734
  37. Sociolinguistic studies of signed language interpreting, halaman 735-753
  38. Language awareness in community perspective: obligation and opportunity, halaman 754-772
  39. Linguistic and ecological diversity, halaman 773-791
  40. Language revitalization , halaman 792-811
  41. Sociolinguistics and social activism, halaman 812-831

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