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BukuEmotion in language: theory-research-application
Author: Ludtke, Ulrike M. (Editor)
Topik: emotive (linguistics); language and emotions
Bahasa: (EN )    ISBN: 9789027241603    
Penerbit: John Benjamins     Tempat Terbit: Amsterdam/Philadelphia    Tahun Terbit: 2015    
Jenis: Books - Textbook
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The miracle of children's language development and the joy of expressive language on the one hand and the vulnerability of language and the sorrow and grief caused by its distortion or even loss in people with aphasia or dementia on the other hand show us the inseparability of emotion and language in its extremes. Although the ‘emotional turn’ promised a paradigmatic shift from a rationalistic towards an emotion integrating conceptualization of language, hardly any interdisciplinary research has focused on the interplay between emotion and language. The present book covers the wide range of work on Emotion in Language with contributions from numerous disciplines in the three areas of Theory, Research, and Application. With contributions both from well-known pioneers in the area of this topic as well as from young scientists, the book offers a broad range of perspectives from linguistics and language development to neurology, psychology and developmental neuropsychology and to the fields of philosophy and phenomenology.
Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. The developmental psychology and neuropsychology of emotion in language, halaman 3-26
  2. Primal emotions and cultural evolution of language: primal affects empower words, halaman 27-48
  3. Emotion on board, halaman 49-67
  4. The origins of emotion and language from the perspective of developmental neuropsychology, halaman 68-97
  5. Language and emotion in Merleau-Ponty, halaman 98-112
  6. Enkinaesthetic polyphony: the underpinning for first-order languaging, halaman 113-133
  7. Emotion in language, halaman 135-156
  8. Language and emotion: the cognitive linguistic perspective, halaman 157-173
  9. Prosodic clustering in speech: from emotional to semantic processes, halaman 175- 190
  10. Embodied language and the process of language learning and teaching, halaman 191-207
  11. Research on the relationship between language and emotion: a descriptive overview, halaman 211-240
  12. Word valence and its effects, halaman 241-255
  13. The occurrence of idioms in the emotion lexicon of children, halaman 257-271
  14. "Without language, everything is chaos and confusion..." corporal-emotional linguistic experience and the linguistic repertoire, halaman 273-288
  15. Giving horror a name: verbal manifestations of despair, fear and anxiety in texts of Holocaust victims and survivors, halaman 289-303
  16. Mediated emotions: emotivity in the age of information and communication technologies, halaman 305-324
  17. Silences as a linguistic strategy: remarks on the role of the unsaid in romantic relationships on the internet, halaman 325-339
  18. Gradients of plasticity: language and emotion in children with unilateral perinatal stroke, halaman 343-365
  19. Mood, aphasia, and affective language comprehension, halaman 367-397
  20. What words can't tell: emotion and connection between "borderline" mothers and infants, halaman 399-420
  21. Affective and internal state language in high-functioning autism, halaman 421-444
  22. Epilogue: emotion in language can overcome exclusion from meaning, halaman 445-452

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