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BukuProceeding The 1st International Conference on Sustainable Civil Engineering Structures and Construction Materials (SCESCM) di Yogyakarta, September 11 – 13, 2012
Author: Priyosulistyo (Editor); Suhendro, Bambang (Editor); Kanie, Shunji (Editor); Satyarno, Iman (Editor); Senjutichai, Teerapong (Editor); Triwiyono, Andreas (Editor); Sulistyo, Djoko (Editor); Siswosukarto, Suprapto (Editor); Awaludin, Ali (Editor)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISBN: 978-602-95687-7-6    
Penerbit: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Gadjah Mada University     Tempat Terbit: Yogyakarta    Tahun Terbit: 2012    
Jenis: Proceeding
Fulltext: Cover PROSIDING SCESCM 2012.pdf (705.32KB; 5 download)
Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Sustainable Design Approaches – From Durable Concrete to Service Life Design for Concrete Structures, halaman 2-15
  2. The Role of Structural Health Monitoring in Sustainability of Civil Engineering Structure, halaman 16-25
  3. Service Life Prediction of Concrete Structures under Combined Effects, halaman 26-35
  4. Utilization of Existing Buildings as Vertical Evacuation Facility at Indonesia Tsunami Potential Areas, halaman 36-45
  5. Effect of Change of Stiffness and Damping on the Strength Prediction of Reinforced Concrete Building Structures Using Microtremor Analysis, halaman 46-52
  6. Sustainable Development in Vulnerable Environments: Difficulties in Cold Regions Engineering and Construction, halaman 53-61
  7. The Latest Development of Green Concrete in Indonesia, halaman 62-69
  8. Development of Seismic Risk Based Design for Buildings in Indonesia, halaman 70-75
  9. Forensic Engineering on causes of Tunnel Roof Cave-In Triggered by Simultaneous Blasting in Dam Project, West Java, Indonesia, halaman 77-81
  10. Solving Structural Optimization Problem Using Bare-Bones Particle Swarm Optimization, halaman 82-89
  11. Analytical Investigation of Seismic Performance of Viaduct Bridge System with Seismic Isolation Bearing and another with Hybrid Rigid Frame Connection, halaman 90-97
  12. Continuous and Automatic 3-D Dam Monitoring using Robotic Total Station: A case study at Sermo Dam, Yogyakarta, halaman 98-105
  13. FE Analysis and Centrifugal Test of Raft Foundation in Ground Subsidence Condition, halaman 106-111
  14. Experimental study on confinement effect of hoop-reinforcing bar for new shear connector using slit steel pipe, halaman 112-116
  15. Punching-Shear Behavior of Overlay Strengthened RC Slab under Traveling Wheel-Type Fatigue Loading, halaman 117-123
  16. Lateral Load-slip Curve of Steel-wood-steel Bolted Timber Joints Composed of Several Layers with Different Specific Gravities, halaman 124-129
  17. Finite Element Modeling of the Transition Zone between Aggregate and Mortar in Concrete, halaman 130-137
  18. Shear Strength of Normal to High Strength Concrete Walls, halaman 138-145
  19. Nonlinear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Beams using FEM with Smeared Crack Approach, Mohr’s Failure Criteria, and The Tomaszewicz Model, halaman 146-153
  20. Flutter Analysis of Cable Stayed Bridge, halaman 154-156
  21. Lesson learned from the damage of academic buildings due to earthquake in Padang, Sumatera, halaman 157-165
  22. The Flexural Behavior in Perpendicular Direction of Concrete Brick Walls with Wiremesh Reinforcement and Their Application for Simple Houses, halaman 166-170
  23. Mechanical Properties of Gunny Sack Fiber Concrete, halaman 172-176
  24. Development and optimization of cement based grouting materials, halaman 177-185
  25. A Review on Test Results of Mechanical Properties of Bamboo, halaman 186-192
  26. Application of Wood Stave Pipeline in Seropan Caves, halaman 193-198
  27. The Characteristic of Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) On Mortar With Polypropylene Fibers As Additives, halaman 199-206
  28. Precast Concrete Construction : A Green Construction Case Study : Comparison of Construction Energy and Environmental Influence in Low Cost Housing Construction in Batam, halaman 207-215
  29. Evaluation of ISO 22157-2 Test Method for Tension Parallel to Grain of Petung Bamboo (Dendrocalamus Asper), halaman 216-222
  30. Compression Fracture Energy of Cement Treated Sands, halaman 223-227
  31. Effects of Steel and Polypropylene Fiber Addition on Interface Bond Strength between Normal Concrete Substrate and Self-Compacting Concrete Topping, halaman 228-235
  32. Influence of Portland Cement Paste Quantity and Quality on Early Age Compressive Strength of Mortar, halaman 236-239
  33. Study on the durability of Alkali activated binder and geopolymer concrete - chloride permeability and carbonation, halaman 240-246
  34. Long-Term Durability Performance of Green Concrete for the Marine Environment, halaman 247-253
  35. Design and Production of FRP Composite Roofing Sheets, halaman 254-259
  36. The Effect of Leaching of CCB4 Preservative Material on Tensile Strength of 2 Species of Bamboo, halaman 260-266
  37. Artificial Intelligence Approaches for Optimizing High-Performance Concrete Mix Design, halaman 267-273
  38. Determination of tensile properties of concrete at early ages on large scale specimens, halaman 274-280
  39. Use of Bamboo For House Retrofitting In Padang Post-Earthquake 30 September 2009, halaman 281-286
  40. Research on the Influence of Coal Ash as Filler on Paved Mixed AC-WC, halaman 287-298
  41. Development of Structural Walls made from LVL Sengon (Paraserianthes falcataria): Basic Mechanical Properties, halaman 299-305
  42. Reliability-based ME-MCDA for Sustainable Global Energy Supply Technology Assessment: Net energy Balance and Density Considerations, halaman 307-315
  43. Minimizing Construction Cost and CO2 Emission Problem by Imitating the Behavior of Ant Colony, halaman 316-320
  44. Value Engineering In Construction Method Rusunawa Prototype Building 5 Floor, halaman 321-326
  45. Model of Public Private Partnerships for Develop Settlement Infrastructure in Jakarta, halaman 327-333
  46. Community-Based Flood Hazards Mapping for Risk Reduction in Flood Prone Areas: Case Study at Kudus Regency, Kudus, halaman 334-346
  47. Multicriteria Decision Making of Power Plant and its Impact on The Living Standard using Extended Graph Theory and Matrix Method under Fuzzy Environment, halaman 347-355

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