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JurnalHuman Reproduction vol. 28 no. 04 (Apr. 2013)
Bahasa: (EN )    ISSN: 0268-1161    Year:: 2013    Bulan: 04    Edisi: Apr 2013    
Penerbit: Oxford University Press
Jenis: Journal - ilmiah internasional
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Artikel dalam koleksi ini
  1. Identification of sperm head proteins involved in zona pellucida binding, halaman 852-865
  2. The clinical significance of calcium-signalling pathways mediating human sperm hyperactivation, halaman 866-876
  3. Seminal and molecular evidence that sauna exposure affects human spermatogenesis, halaman 877-885
  4. Perinatal germ cell development and differentiation in the male marmoset (Callithrix jacchus): similarities with the human and differences from the rat , halaman 886-896
  5. Spermatogonial stem cell preservation and transplantation: from research to clinic, halaman 897-907
  6. Relationship between maternal asthma, its severity and control and abortion, halaman 908-915
  7. Chorionic villous vascularization related to phenotype and genotype in first trimester miscarriages in a recurrent pregnancy loss cohort , halaman 916-923
  8. Increased risk of preterm birth in singleton pregnancies after blastocyst versus Day 3 embryo transfer: Canadian ART Register (CARTR) analysis , halaman 924-928
  9. Evaluation of telomere length in cumulus cells as a potential biomarker of oocyte and embryo quality†, halaman 929-936
  10. Ovum transmigration after salpingectomy for ectopic pregnancy, halaman 937-941
  11. Inflammation biomarkers in vaginal fluid and preterm delivery, halaman 942-952
  12. A prospective case series of women with estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer: levels of tamoxifen metabolites in controlled ovarian stimulation with high-dose tamoxifen, halaman 953-959
  13. Occurrence of fertility problems presenting to primary care: population-level estimates of clinical burden and socioeconomic inequalities across the UK , halaman 960-968
  14. The sperm protamine mRNA ratio as a clinical parameter to estimate the fertilizing potential of men taking part in an ART programme , halaman 969-978
  15. Dropout is a problem in lifestyle intervention programs for overweight and obese infertile women: a systematic review, halaman 979-986
  16. Development of guideline-based indicators for patient-centredness in fertility care: what patients add, halaman 987-996
  17. Pregnancy-specific anxiety, ART conception and infant temperament at 4 months post-partum, halaman 997-1005
  18. Reproductive decision-making in young female carriers of a BRCA mutation , halaman 1006-1012
  19. Reflections of Dutch patients on IVF treatment in Belgium: a qualitative analysis of internet forums, halaman 1013-1022
  20. Increased number of multi-oocyte follicles (MOFs) in juvenile p27Kip1 mutant mice: potential role of granulosa cells, halaman 1023-1030
  21. Amino acid turnover by human oocytes is influenced by gamete developmental competence, patient characteristics and gonadotrophin treatment , halaman 1031-1044
  22. Suppression of annexin A2 by prostaglandin E2 impairs phagocytic ability of peritoneal macrophages in women with endometriosis , halaman 1045-1053
  23. Assisted oocyte activation overcomes fertilization failure in globozoospermic patients regardless of the DPY19L2 status, halaman 1054-1061
  24. Assessment of impaired glucose tolerance prevalence with hemoglobin A1c and oral glucose tolerance test in 252 Turkish women with polycystic ovary syndrome: a prospective, controlled study , halaman 1062-1068
  25. Genetic variation may modify ovarian reserve in female childhood cancer survivors, halaman 1069-1076
  26. The relationship of serum anti-Mullerian hormone with polycystic ovarian morphology and polycystic ovary syndrome: a prospective cohort study , halaman 1077-1083
  27. Hypoandrogenism in association with diminished functional ovarian reserve, halaman 1084-1091
  28. Maternal bereavement in the antenatal period and oral cleft in the offspring, halaman 1092-1099
  29. Incidence of depression and influence of depression on the number of treatment cycles and births in a national cohort of 42 880 women treated with ART , halaman 1100-1109
  30. Day-specific probabilities of conception in fertile cycles resulting in spontaneous pregnancies, halaman 1110-1116
  31. Placentas from pregnancies conceived by IVF/ICSI have a reduced DNA methylation level at the H19 and MEST differentially methylated regions†, halaman 1117-1126
  32. A genetic association study of NLRP2 and NLRP7 genes in idiopathic recurrent miscarriage, halaman 1127-1134
  33. Evaluation of GWAS-identified genetic variants for age at menarche among Chinese women, halaman 1135-1143

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