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ArtikelNonshared Environmental Influences On Sibling Differences In Externalizing Problem Behavior  
Oleh: Boisvert, Danielle ; Wright, John Paul
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Criminal Justice and Behavior vol. 35 no. 7 (Jul. 2009), page 863-878.
Topik: difference score; externalizing problem behavior; PSID; siblings
Fulltext: 863.pdf (114.9KB)
Isi artikelUsing a difference scores approach, this study examines the effects of sibling differences in experiences both within and outside the home on differences in externalizing problem behavior. The results suggest that differences in parental monitoring, sibling interaction, and delinquent peer association are significantly related to sibling differences in externalizing behavior. These effects, however, appear to differ based on the sex composition of the sibling pair. Differential sibling interaction was most consistently related to differences in externalizing behavior. Differential peer association and differential parental monitoring were only significantly related to sibling differences in externalizing behavior for sister pairs and mixed-sex pairs, respectively. The importance of considering nonshared environmental influences in explaining sibling differences in behavior is discussed
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