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ArtikelTeratology in Pediatric Practice  
Oleh: Seaver, Laurie H. ; Hoyme, H. Eugene
Jenis: Article from Journal - ilmiah internasional
Dalam koleksi: Pediatric Clinics of North America vol. 39 no. 01 (Jan. 1992), page 111.
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Isi artikelTeratogens may take the form of infectious agents, drugs, chemicals, physical agents, maternal diseases, or altered metabolic states. Unlike most other causes of fetal anomalies, teratogenically induced disabilities are potentially totally preventable through public education and awareness. Pediatricians must be able to recognize potential teratogenic exposures, diagnose teratogenically induced disabilities, and be knowledgeable in the natural history of these disorders so that they can support and educate those who care for these children in the home and in the community.
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